Live painting is a unique a precious way to preserve a memory of your event. You can end the night with a tangible record of the emotions and vibe of your event which you have worked so hard at creating. While the painting is being created your guests will be engaged and entertained as the master piece unfolds in front of their eyes. Be it a wedding, group function or concert live painting will leave your guest raving and you will have a symbol of your event forever.

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My Work

I work very close to my clients. I like to tailored the live artwork to their needs and objectives. If their intention is to sell it at the event, auction it off or keep it. The artwork will represent the clients goals and their vision. Through years of experience I can help the client achieve the desired result.

I have live painted for events like Veuve Clicquot, the Ritz Carlton - The Grande Prix Galla event, Creative Nova Scotia Galla Awards, Select Wines and many more shows with famous musicians and notable fundraisers and weddings.


I am always open to new and exciting challenges. I have painted on sizes from 60 feet to 3 feet live in only a few hours.

a) Traditional painting - Much like any painting you have seen I would be standing in front of the painting working on it. People really value prestreched canvas seeing they can take it home and hang it right away.

b) Reverse painting - I stretch a material over a 9 foot by 9 foot frame. I stand behind the surface and with watered paint I paint the back of the surface. The paint bleeds through and the the viewer sees the painting come to life like an etch a sketch. The effect is very impressive and after some drying time it can be rolled up and taken away with much ease.


Thank you for your interest in live painting. I want to hear your exciting ideas and share with me your goals for your event

Peter Farmer - Montreal, Quebec

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