Paintings are such a valuable human experience. They enrich our lives and push us to question ourselves. Paintings connect us to the past and to each other. Sharing an experience, an idea, a feeling... I feel blessed to be able to create artwork that may bring people together in a visual bond. I hope my art speaks to you.

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My Work

I take great pride, care and thought in all my work. I enjoy pushing the barriers of style while developing fresh new innovative solutions to visual problems. I like to focus on human emotions. It's something we all have and in my mind its all we truly own. My goal is to show it in art. For me and for those who need to say something but can't say it with images.


Do you have an image you would like preserved? A memory or person you would like to keep forever. Painting can offer a life long treasure that can be passed from generation to generation. I work with my clients to develop a precious image that is tied close to their hearts and lives.


Thank you for your interest in my painting. I want to hear your ideas about something that is important to you and together immortalize it in paint.

Peter Farmer- Montreal, Quebec


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