Live Painting and Your Event

Live painting is a unique way to preserve the memory of your event. You can end the night with a tangible record of the emotions and energy of an event which you have worked so hard in creating. While the painting is being created your guests will be engaged and entertained as the masterpiece develops in front of their eyes. The artwork can then be sold, auctioned off or donated to a special guest. 



With over 10 years of live painting experience at public and private events. Your painting(s) will be customize uniquely to achieve your set goals while the artist offers proven success cases to help you exceed your expectations. 

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ShawTV - Canada Games,
Winnipeg, Mb

Artes Martes,
Panama city, Panama

Much Music - Interview,
Halifax, NS

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Thank you for your interest in live painting. Email for consultation on how live painting can add value, energy and culture to you already exiting sporting event.

Peter Farmer

Tour des Canadiens (See full gallery)

50th Canada Summer Games (See full gallery)

CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Legacy Dinner (See full gallery)

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