Your office, business and home are places you spend almost all of your time in. Why not customize your environment to reflect you and your tastes with an original mural? These huge original works of art can be tailored perfectly to your walls, impressing all visitors to your home or business. 

Check out examples of past murals

My work

I have painted murals across Canada and abroad. These murals have been in restaurants, home ceilings, offices and other establishments. Each one uniquely designed to the clients values and goals  

I like to work closely with my clients so I can capture the true essence of who you are and that it is showcased in the most effective way possible. 

Examples of past work 

Office - National Leasing head office - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Business - Tantalo hotel, Selina hotel and restaurant and Taco la Neta - Panamà city and Bocas del Toro, Panamà. 

Home - Dome/ceiling - South Branch, Newfoundland, Canada


There are few approaches to execute these works of art but the possibilities are endless.

a) Directly to wall - This is an excellent solution to high traffic areas such as hallways or staircases. Also, if space for operations is an issue. (Above tables and working equipment) Directly to wall is perfect for outdoor surfaces. Such as store fronts alleyways.

b) Wall and canvas hybrid - This is perfect for the client who may want to move office / business / home locations in the future. A canvas acts as the main image and is a self-contained piece of artwork in its own right. The colors and design bleed off the canvas onto the walls. This still gives the client the large impact of a mural but the option to recycle the work at a later date as you can remove the canvas from the wall. See above image for example


Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing what you would like to see on your walls and showing you the endless solutions to your future mural.

Peter Farmer


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